How big is a lite stand?

lite is compact. It actually folds down into a DJ flight case so it's super easy for us to transport to and from your event.  The stand itself is just over 1.5m high and uses around 1/2 a square meter of floor space. It's sturdy and slim making it the best looking photobooth for your party, club or festival.

Care should still be taken - it isn't 'drunk a$$ proof' yet.


What does lite need?

lite is a little needy. It's basic life blood is wifi - but we can provide mobile internet if you don't have it. It also needs a power socket, so bear this in mind when you're thinking about venue placement.


How does lite - a photobooth - solve my marketing needs?

  • It's entertaining. Your guests are going to love using a lite photobooth, so your also giving them a great time at your event. 
  • You'll reach more people - lite SELFIES are animated, the tech dudes call them gif's. They're also watermarked with your logo. So as their lite SELFIE auto plays in all their friends social feeds. More people see your brand and event.

    Tech speak: Video posts loaded to a person's Facebook gets more organic traction in the news feed than tagging a photo that an event photographer took yesterday. AKA your brand get's more organic virability as more people see and engage with their peers animated content.
  • Maintain your brand aesthetic. Do you have a certain look and image you want for your event? lite has pre set filters that means when you hire or lease a lite you're also in full control of how people share their moments while at your event. #greyscale!


How many lite photobooths do I need?

Each booth has an unlimited amount of photos it can take. All your guests can use it and share their lite SELFIE. Since all the social media sharing is done on the guests own phone the stand is free to be used by the next person. How many lite stands you need depends on the size of your event. On average 80 people can use the lite per hour.  Of course more than one person can be in a lite SELFIE.
For large events we recommend having more than one.


How can I work for lite?

lite is a franchise business that can work anywhere in the world. If you're interested in embarking on a journey of leasing lite to digitally savvy event organisers and entertainers express your interest by emailing