How does it work? 


lite is a minamalistic photo booth that uses a funky ring light to capture flawless images, creates cool eye affects, and gets the party and conversation started. lite is a photo booth for parties brand and events that want social integration – no print outs. No waste. Just social domination. 

Lite captures animated GIFs – they’re edgy and funky – watermarked with a clients branding and when shared to Facebook and Instagram they auto-play in the feed – meaning epic brand penetration. Brands are more likely to get noticed when it’s a user posting their image on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – then when they are tagging themselves in the pictures of a brand page… which are loaded a day late.

Lite suits all kinds of guests whether it’s a sweet 16 birthday party or a wedding; a fashion VIP launch or the Grand Prix – can muck around have fun and share something different. It’s because the image is GIF, animated and different that means it cuts through and get the brand trending.

There is no need to download app, all the user does is enter their mobile number, nothing more. It’s super easy (and addictive and fun…) They are sent a link via SMS and then they share directly to their own page/account from their own phone – using your # or @

There are other cool things lite can do like mobile marketing – helping brands re-engage with their guests who have used lite, detailed campaign reporting – how many where created and shared, 'lite up' – large outdoor projection of lite captures. Make a VIP event go total ambient guerilla marketing by taking over the sides of surrounding buildings Kanye West style.

After 8 years in the digital marketing industry Joanna O'Connor created something that get’s brands going viral using organic social media reach. What that means; which means this is the most cost effective social marketing tool a brand can use.

Real Time Social Marketing

The social landscape for marketers is getting harder to crack. Facebook feeds are cluttered with pseudo-news items and memes. Organic reach for Facebook pages is now averaging 2-8% of their total audience. Putting something 'good' on facebook means that some of your audience could see it, maybe. #minefield
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Uploading event photos, is done at least a day later, and you'll usually get around 10-30% of those photographed coming back to tag themselves and share with their attendance. Photo booths at events currently just results in expensive film paper confetti on your venue floor. Smart phones are the only means for your guests to socially share about how awesome your event is. But as an event organiser... the lack of control kills you right?

lite is about changing event based promotional marketing. Making it seemless, for brands, event organisers and guests. It works allows your guest to post from their own phone and social account which means real time promotion and further organic reach.